Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ATUL KULKARNI and NATARANG Rule the Roost - Interview & Film Review

Better late than never, the Hindi Cinema Blog has finally managed to watch the unmissable and highly acclaimed 'Natarang', Ravi Jadhav's filmic anthem to a man's passion for art and to standing for what one believes in, based on a novel by Dr. Anand Yadav. A story that has the capability of stirring audiences throughout the world, this is unquestionably one of the best Indian films we have come across this 2010! (see the trailer and official 'Natarang' website)



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exclusive Interview with PURAB KOHLI ('I Am Afia')

The I-View Film Festival in Manhattan has selected critically acclaimed director Onir's newest cinematic opus, 'I Am' for its opening night. The film boasts a vast cast featuring some of  Indian cinema's greatest names and consists of four short films based on real life stories, one of which is the touching tale of Afia, a young woman who wishes to experience motherhood using a sperm donor to give birth to the perfect child.

Purab Kohli, a dedicated actor who has been widely appreciated by audiences in India and abroad for his work in a sound variety of thoughtful and mainstream roles ('My Brother Nikhil', 'Rock On') that reflect his rich sensitivity, tells us more about 'I AM AFIA', in which he stars alongside Nandita Das. Click here to see the film's trailer.