Sunday, November 7, 2010

ALLAH KE BANDAY from Childhood to Manhood - Interview with FARUK KABIR

Allah ke Banday’ has been generating buzz and expectation for several weeks by unraveling a powerful soundtrack, unique promotional visuals, a deep subject and a golden cast including actors Naseeruddin Shah, Sharman Joshi, Atul Kulkarni and Rukhsar Nirmala ('Nishabd', 'Sarkar'). The film is Faruk Kabir’s first venture both in terms of acting and directing, and if this was not enough, Faruk is also behind the screenplay, which focuses on a subject dear to him: the flame that creates incredible potential within each child.
'Allah Ke Banday' is the story of two boys, Vijay and Yakub, who are born into one of the world's largest slums. With an early start in the world of crime, they are sent to a Juvenile Prison, where they encounter its dreaded warden (Naseeruddin Shah) in a world that is more chaotic than the one they left behind.
The Hindi Cinema Blog was very lucky to speak to multitalented young artist Faruk Kabir, who shared his mature take on filmmaking in this exclusive interview. READ MORE >

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